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5 Different Meat Pizza in Toronto Choices You’ll Enjoy

Pizza Depot is proud to have something for every taste including a fine selection of meat pizzas in Toronto. You can order any of these delicious entrées online.

Here are five of the best that will add something special to any family event or occasion.

  1. Meatball Pizza –  Why not try an extra-large when the gang comes over to watch that big sporting event? This pizza comes with green peppers and onions as well as fresh juicy meatballs that are always a big hit. Family reunions are an excellent time to order pizza. Otherwise, someone always gets left out because they need to cook.
  2. Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza – This is an excellent example of what we have to offer as far as meat pizzas in Toronto go. The mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top and the ground beef are always fresh. Graduation parties are a great time to serve this tasty food. These special occasions can be expensive for parents when they are looking at catered meals. However, this type of pizza is always affordable and delicious.
  3. The Meat Lovers Pizza – As you might imagine, this pizza has a few different tastes. Order the large here and you’ll get sausage, bacon pepperoni, and ground beef. This is a great choice for a wedding reception. People know how expensive it can be to bring in a catered meal for one of these events if you have a number of guests. This pizza is a great alternative.
  4. The Chicken Deluxe Pizza – The green peppers and onions are excellent toppings. That’s not to say that the mixture of chicken and mushrooms won’t tantalize your taste buds too. This is an excellent choice if you plan on going out golfing with a few friends that want something to come home to. Order the extra-large and you’ll have some for the next day.
  5. The Butter Chicken Pizza – Our customers in Toronto rave about this choice because they love the roasted red peppers it comes with. The butter chicken is made even tastier when green peppers and onions are added. We get a lot of people ordering this pizza for a variety of special events.

Pizza Depot guarantees that all of our meat pizzas in Toronto are fresh. Why not get in touch with us to order one today? You won’t be disappointed.