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Here’s How To Make Your Own Pizza in Waterloo

We’ve made it easy to make your own pizza in Waterloo. If you go to our website you will see everything that you need to get started. Don’t forget that you can order anything that you find appetizing on our menu online.

The first step when you are making your own pizza is to decide on a size. Check out the different ones that you can find on our website and you’ll see that you can have three toppings included.

  • The large pizza is one that we suggest. Usually, there’s enough food for everyone at your special occasion or gathering. When you order this size, there are even a few pieces extra for the next day or to send home with your guests.
  • Other people looking to make your own pizza in Waterloo prefer the medium-size. This is perfect for more intimate get togethers. You will still get three toppings included and you can order this item online too. Of course that goes for any of the sizes that you choose.
  • We like to suggest an extra large pizza for people looking to cater a small or large event. It’s the same with every size. You’ll get three toppings included but anything after that you’ll be charged for.
  • The last size we offer at Pizza Depot is one of the most popular. Square pizzas provide you with a lot of different slices so everyone gets a fair share. You can order these items online but you need to remember they are offered through pickup only.

After you order a pizza, we like to suggest that you look at some of our other menu options.

There are some delicious side dishes to choose from. One of the most popular is garlic sticks. If you like garlic bread that’s been topped with fresh delicious cheese, this is an excellent addition to your order.

Side Dish Choices

Pizza Depot is happy to offer some other side dish choices. The cheesy bread is a real favorite with our Waterloo clients. They also enjoy cinnamon bread and the more traditional garlic bread.

If you’re interested in how to make your own pizza in Waterloo, we are always happy to help. Get in touch with us today and we will get started putting together a delicious treat everyone will enjoy.

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