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Enjoy Halal Pizza in Mississauga: And These Pizza Faqs

You can order halal pizza in Mississauga from Pizza Depot online and have it delivered piping hot. If you are like a lot of our customers, you enjoy what we call pizza knowledge.

Interested in learning more about the most popular food in the world? Read these FAQs.

Question: How many pieces of pizza does the average American eat every year?

Answer:  Almost 50 slices. The exact number is 46 slices. Here’s some more interesting information. There are 74,800 pizzerias in America. A full 52% of them are independently owned. That means people in the United States have lots of choice.

Like the choices you get when you order a halal pizza in Mississauga. That’s just one of the international pizzas we have at Pizza Depot.

If you order the halal version, you’ll get fresh ingredients with every slice.

Question:  What’s the most popular pizza topping of them all?

Answer: Sausage. There are a number of reasons why this is a real crowd pleaser . It complements the flavor of other ingredients like onions or bell peppers. Sausage should be precooked before being baked with a pizza. These types of raw meats don’t usually cook properly unless you add a little extra time.

Question: Why is pizza so popular around the world?

Answer: there are many different reasons for pizza’s popularity. The food is unique and convenient and you can have it made to order. Most pizza places will offer quality ingredients. In fact, research points to the fact 87% of pizza parlors make their own dough.

Question: Is there a day that’s the most popular for ordering this food?

Answer: Actually there are several like New Year’s Eve, Halloween and Christmas. However, Super Bowl Sunday tops the list. There are other popular times to order your favorite pizza. For example, Saturday night is the top slot of the week. Here’s another interesting statistic. The average family eats pizza in their home about 30 times a year.

Good Reasons for Halal Pizza

You can see there are many good reasons to order halal pizza in Mississauga from these FAQs. Look through our menu for a great variety of other things as well. We have fresh salads that include chicken and Greek items. Both of these include fresh lettuce and tomatoes and different types of cheese.

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