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The Best Toppings for Your Meat Pizza in Oakville

We want to make sure our customers get nothing but the best when it comes to meat Pizza in Oakville. Of course that includes the kind of meat toppings that you get from us. Here are just a few of what we offer. These are the most popular that you can get.


There’s nothing quite like a pizza with sausage on top. It always hits the spot. Some people prefer to take it out of the case and crumble it over their pizza. It distributes the taste evenly.


Bacon isn’t just for breakfast anymore. There’s a great crunchy taste to a pizza that has bacon on top. This is a great addition to any meat pizza in Oakville.


This is another one of the more popular toppings that you will find. It can add a smoky, salty juicy flavor to any slice. Ham is high in protein and lower in fat content in some of the other choices on our list. There are some other toppings that work well with ham in these include pineapple, bell peppers and green olives.

People who enjoy a thick crust pizza should choose this topping. This is an excellent choice for meat lovers.

While you are checking out the meat pizzas that we have on our menu, why not look at some of the perfect sides that go with them? You can choose from onion rings and potato wedges as well as cinnamon bread and even pizza subs. There are some excellent dessert menu choices like strawberry cheesecake and Oreo cheesecake.

Everything goes well with the toppings on our list.


This is a popular choice and one of the more traditional options for your pizza. You might think that pepperoni is an Italian topping. However, it comes from America. People love this topping because it is slightly spicy and smoky. Most people also enjoy it because it is a soft meat. However, it can become crispy when you slice it thin enough.

This is one of the toppings that is popular in group orders. The reason is simple. Pepperoni can be enjoyed by many people when you order it has a topping on your meat pizza in Oakville.

Don’t forget about beef. When it’s ground up its one of the more unusual toppings but it tastes great with plenty of cheese.

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