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A Few Tips For Ordering Indian Pizza in Stoney Creek Online

Indian Pizza in Stoney Creek is a big seller with our clients in that location. We offer delivery services to make sure that you get your menu choices piping hot. What’s more, you can order online to make the process even quicker and more convenient.

Here’s a few suggestions for ordering online that will simplify the process.

  • Having a good idea of the menu items you want is a good start. Scroll through our menu and choose the size of pizza and type. Then you can go through the fresh toppings. Don’t forget to add on any beverages, desserts or other entrées. Having everyone crowd around your computer and writing everything down is a good way to make sure they all get what they want.
  • Making sure that the delivery instructions are clear is important. The driver might not be familiar with the neighborhood you live in. That’s why you should include details like cross streets. Mention any unique features your home has that will help to identify it.

Ordering Indian Pizza in Stoney Creek General Security Tips

There are some things that you can do to make online ordering safe. These include making sure you have a strong password.

  • Remember that hackers can use different methods to try to get into one of your accounts. Some try a series of symbols, numbers and letters to try and guess at it. There are other methods where computer programs try to figure these out. The longer your password the better.
  • It’s also a good idea to mix up letters, numbers and symbols. Substituting zeros for the letter O works. If you’re using a phrase, it’s a good idea to put a capital on the first letter of every new word.

Here are some more tips if you are ordering online and having your food delivered.

It’s a good idea to make sure your house is ready and the driver can see it once they get close. Turn on any lights. Make sure there aren’t obstacles that are preventing them from dropping the food off at your front door like debris, trash, pets or snow.

The Pizza Depot has a number of online choices in our menu. While you are ordering an Indian pizza in Stoney Creek, don’t forget to check out the sandwiches we have available. You can add extras like onions, sautéed mushrooms and cheese to any of these items.