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Check Out Our Chicken Menu in Guelph And These Crazy Pizza Toppings

Our chicken menu in Guelph has a lot of different items to choose from. The crispy battered chicken chunks have a variety of different sauces. The boneless chicken strips are fresh and the Indian style wings are seasoned with hot sauce.

The Pizza Depot offers a great menu. You can make your own pizza with us. That includes three different sizes and even a square pizza.

Excellent Toppings

We have a list of excellent toppings to make your food special. Here are a few unusual toppings that we have found. You may not be able to get these from us, but they make for excellent reading.


No one would disagree that adding vegetables to your pizza is a good thing. Lots of orders we see have requests for tomatoes and peppers as well as mushrooms and freshly chopped onions. Peas might seem a little strange because it’s not something we usually see added as a topping. However, these get used in Brazil quite often on the pizza that people order there.

Don’t forget that our chicken menu in Guelph has a classic wing combo that includes 10 wings as well as French fries and a pop. It’s a popular menu item with our clients but not as unusual as some of the other toppings we have listed below.


It may be just our opinion. However, we think adding chocolate as a topping to your pizza makes it more like a giant cookie. This topping rejects the tomato and cheese base for a generous portion of melted chocolate on top.


Australians have a unique approach to some of their pizza toppings as well. For example in the country down under, you’re likely to see kangaroo, emu and even crocodile listed as menu items you can have on a pizza.

A Finnish company might have the most unique topping of them all. Smoked reindeer became a very popular menu choice in that country.


This list of unusual pizza toppings doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot of interesting things for you to choose from. Our chicken menu in Guelph has several different breaded wing pack options.  Select any one of them from our website. Then choose from the 50 different flavours available.  Please get in touch. We look forward to filling your order today.