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Check Out Our Chicken Menu in Guelph

Our chicken menu in Guelph offers lots of different choices that cater to every taste. We have something for everyone and best of all you can order anything from our menu and have it delivered. Our clients in Guelph love the selection in this category.

Here are just a few of the items that make it one of their favorites.

  • The boneless chicken strips come with your choice of different dips. These are excellent finger foods that complement any event or gathering. They go great as a side dish for one of the meat pizzas you can order on our menu.
  • The chicken menu in Guelph from Pizza Depot has Indian style chicken wings too. These are seasoned with green chili and ginger as well as onions and Caesar sauce. You can get 10 wings per order and have them delivered.
  • Choose from a variety of breaded wing packages. These have anywhere from 10 to 40 breaded wings and different flavours to sort through.

Take a look at all the different options we have in this category. Our priority is always satisfying everyone’s taste buds. That means we have something for each and every member of your family or large event.

Chicken Chunks

One of the other big favorites with our customers in Guelph are the chicken chunks that come with your choice of barbecue, mild or hot sauce. Pizza Depot is proud to use only the freshest ingredients in everything we make. We are committed to providing quality food at a reasonable price that comes with outstanding customer service.

The chicken we use is an exclusive brand that comes from our own unique location. Finally, here are a few points on the proper way to eat chicken wings.

  • You might accidentally bite into a chicken wing that’s too hot for your tastes. Remember that water won’t help the situation. It’s best to eat a cracker or piece of bread. Don’t hold your mouth open and flap your hands in front of it. It doesn’t do any good and it’s just bad manners.
  • When you’re done eating wings, wipe your fingers and mouth with a napkin. You should never lick your fingers when you’re dining with other people.

You could get some food lodged in your teeth when eating wings. Go to the bathroom or some other private area to clean it out. Above all, remember to enjoy everything you pick from our chicken menu  in Guelph.