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Check Out Our Chicken Menu in Kitchener

Chicken Menu Kitchener

Pizza Depot has a lot of outstanding food choices for you including delicious chicken menu in Kitchener options. If you are ordering from this part of our menu for a large crowd, here’s a few things you can do to make the process go smoothly.

  • Getting feedback from everyone in your group before you order is the first step. It’s a good idea to write everything down. Some of your guests might have dietary issues. If so, you should make a note of those. If you are ordering something like the classic wing combo from our menu, let us know about any of the special tweaks we can make.
  • If you have a big group of hungry people to order for, it’s a good idea to place the order in advance. For example, putting several units of the breaded wing pack and chicken strips together is easier when you phone us before you expect us to have it ready. That gives us the time to prepare your food in a reasonable time frame.

There are quite a few delicious choices you have on our chicken menu in Kitchener. For example, the Indian style chicken wings have become a real customer favorite. They are seasoned with onions, ginger and green chili as well as hot sauce. You can order 10 pieces online and have them delivered right to your home or office.

People looking for something a little more traditional often ask for the classic wing combo. You’ll get fries and pop with this one as well as 10 classic chicken wings. Take a few minutes to look through the other tasty items that we have in our chicken menu. Don’t forget to look through the 50 different flavors that you can include with any of these items.

We Have Veggie Pizzas Too

Of course there’s a lot of different kinds of foods you can get from The Pizza Depot and not just chicken. Our veggie pizzas are good for you and made fresh daily. The Spicy Veggie deluxe comes with tomatoes and hot peppers as well as onions and green peppers. You can order from three different sizes that include medium large and extra-large.

There is also The Garden Veggie Pizza. This one also comes in the same three sizes and you can have it with green olives and tomatoes as well as onions and green peppers.

Remember, our chicken menu in Kitchener is fantastic, but it’s only one of the tasty foods you can order from us.