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Check Out Our Chicken Menu in Scarborough and These International Contributions to Pizza

Our chicken menu in Scarborough has something for everyone. We have a good selection of food for different pallets that includes Indian style chicken wings and chicken chunks. There is also a classic wing combo and several breaded wing packs to choose from.

Different Tastes

Here at Pizza Depot, we understand people have different tastes and come from different cultural backgrounds. When we asked our clients who they thought invented pizza, Italy was a common response.

Even though the Italians were the people who perfected and developed their own style of making this food, they weren’t the only ones involved. Here are some of the other international contributions that make pizza a favorite food today.

  • The Greeks had their part in the early history of this dish. Plakous is a flatbread they baked in ovens in ancient times. Although the exact starting dates are not known, historians know the ancient Greek chefs included cheese, garlic, spices and oil. That ancient creation looked a lot like modern Focaccia bread.
  • History also tells us the Greeks weren’t the only people who invented and enjoyed this type of flatbread. Middle eastern individuals were consuming it thousands and thousands of years ago. Although they used this version of pizza as pockets to stuff with other ingredients, there are a few similarities to the modern food.

Of course many people believe the origins of pizza can be traced back to Italy. In fact the word itself was documented in A.D. 1997 and through other parts of the south of that country.  The origins of our  chicken menu in Scarborough are much easier to follow. Just take a look on our website and you will see what’s available. That includes hot, mild or BBQ sauces that you can order online.

Marco Polo

As far as the origins of pizza go, some people believe the beginnings can be found in China. Marco Polo found a pancake when he visited that country while exploring. When he returned to Italy, he looked for a chef that could make him a version of what the Chinese called Scallion Pie.

Special Event

It doesn’t matter where you believe pizza came from. We have an international pizza section here at  The Pizza Depot. You can make any gathering or special event memorable with something from that section and food from our chicken menu in Scarborough.