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Check Out These Veggie Pizza in Orangeville Cheese Choices

Fresh delicious cheese makes any veggie pizza in Orangeville special. We encourage everyone to spend some time thinking about the different kinds that you can get. Each cheese is unique and adds a little something extra to any of your orders.

Here’s a list of some of the more common pizza cheeses.


This one is considered a classic. It’s a popular choice on different types of pizza including specialty pies. It is white with a salty flavor and crumbly texture. It holds its shape when it melts which makes it a favorite for veggie pizza in Orangeville. Traditionally, feta cheese was made from goat’s milk in Greece.

Today it’s made in several different countries including Austria, Italy and the United States. Most of the feta cheese sold in America comes from cow’s milk.


Many people think this is the granulated cheese that comes in a can. However, in its natural state, it has a rich flavor . It’s a hard, rich Italian cheese that adds a different layer of flavor when it gets sprinkled over a pizza. There is a hint of sweetness and a granular texture to it that comes from the Parma region of Italy.  There are several variations available that only cost a fraction of the original Parmigiano-Reggiano.


Cheddar is too oily to be used as a stand-alone ingredient on pizza. That’s why it usually gets combined with other cheeses like mozzarella to create a sharp edged flavour. This cheese is naturally pale yellow or white. However, some companies add another ingredient that gives it a distinct orange hue. Cheddar cheese first appeared in England. Today, it’s made internationally.


This is another pale Italian cheese that’s a little sharper in flavor than mozzarella. It comes in two different versions. The first has a sweet mild flavor and is aged for two months. The provolone that’s aged a little longer has a sharper taste and that makes it a more popular choice for different pizzas.

Finally, when it comes to ordering a veggie pizza in Orangeville, you need to consider mozzarella cheese. It is known to brown lightly and it has a stringy gooey texture after it’s melted. It’s so popular that it’s the one that’s typically blended with other types on a variety of pizzas. If you’re looking for something traditional, this is an Italian cheese that was originally made from buffalo milk.