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Pizza Cutting Choices for Halal Pizza in Orangeville

If you’re ordering halal pizza in Orangeville, you need to make quite a few decisions. Before you even dig into your first slice you’ll need to decide on the crust style, sauce and the toppings. Once you get all of those factors out of the way, you still have one big decision to make.

That’s how you want your pizza to be sliced. Many different takeout services have their own way. However, you can ask for some of the following custom methods.

  • If you’re ordering a large size pizza, it might be best to get it cut into a square pattern. If you’re having a bigger party with many people, this is the way to go. The smaller slices are easier to distribute among your guests. The square cut also works to your advantage when you order a pizza that’s got lots of different toppings. There’s less chance of something falling off before you can get it into your mouth.
  • Another alternative option is to have your halal pizza in Orangeville cut into smaller strips. Strips that are 4 to 6 inches in width are easier to handle. Not only that they are easier to dip. With the standard slice, only the tip and the crust will fit into the dipping cup. The entire strip can be dipped and enjoyed in a variety of different sauces.
  • The classic shape for your pizza slices is a triangle. One of the biggest advantages here is all the slices are the same size. One of the other bonuses is you get to eat from the small end of the pizza out towards the crust. This option is best for pizzas with a single topping like fresh olives, pepperoni or mozzarella cheese.

There is another choice that works great if your ordering halal pizza in Orangeville for children. They are still growing and developing their strength and motor skills so large pizza slices can be a little daunting. If you are ordering for a child, it’s a good idea to double the cuts. For example, a pizza that has eight slices will turn into one that has 16 skinnier ones.

The pizza still arrives in its traditional shape. However, the triangles are smaller and easier for little hands to hold onto. You can have your pizza the way you want it when you order from us.