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Here’s Some Excellent Ways To Eat Wings From Our Chicken Menu in Regina

Here at Pizza Depot, we have a Chicken menu in Regina that includes fresh chunks and strips. These are made from delicious chicken breasts and they come with a variety of sauces. Choose from hot, mild or barbecue and remember that you can order these online.

The Indian style chicken wings on our menu are another big favorite with our customers in Regina. They come with fresh ingredients like Coriander and Green Chili. In fact when you look through our chicken menu, you’ll see there are a variety of excellent wing choices.

That’s why we have put together some tips for the best ways to eat chicken wings.

The Meat Lollipop

This is the quickest way to eat one of these tasty morsels that come from our chicken menu in Regina. This involves pushing all of the delicious meat down to the smaller end of the wing where it forms an umbrella or lollipop. The maneuver involves simply eating the meat off the bone at that point. Best of all is the fact you only need one hand. That means you don’t need to let go of your beverage.

The Wishbone

You’ll need a chicken wing that has two bones for this method. If you have one, you can grab each bone at the bottom of the wing and put the whole thing into your mouth. Pull the wing out and the bone apart at the same time so the meat gets held back.

If you choose this method, the only big decision you’ll need to make after that is which one of our 50 flavors to choose from.

The Typewriter

If you have ever seen cartoon characters eating corn, you’ll know what this method is all about. Hold the chicken wing like a corn cob.  At the same time, slide your mouth in a typewriter motion across the wing while you rotate  it around to get at the fresh meat.

Finally, here’s one last method called The Knuckle Pincher you might want to try. Keep in mind this doesn’t involve pinching that part of your hand. Hold the chicken wing at the knuckled side where there’s cartilage.  Next, you can put the flat part of the wing inside your mouth and pull on the bones to get at the meat. It’s an efficient way to eat a chicken wing, but also one of the messiest.

Still everything from our Chicken Menu in Regina is good.