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5 Tips for Eating Indian Pizza in Oakville

Indian Pizza in Oakville is a versatile food. You can order different toppings and crusts. Pizza Depot also offers salads, breads and side dishes. There is a lot to choose from on our menu.

Eating the pizza you order from us might seem like a simple idea. However, there’s a few notions about how to best devour your slices to get the most enjoyment. Here’s 10 tips for doing just that.

Do Not Dab

Some people like to dab away the excess grease on their pizza with a paper napkin. Don’t do it.  You can wind up leaving little pieces of paper behind that you might taste when you eat the slice.

Do Double Up

Some people prefer to eat pizza one triangular slice of time. Why not double it up by putting two pieces together with the toppings facing each other? It gives you a double taste of the toppings, sauce and crust. This is a perfect method for eating different types.

Using a Knife and Fork

Watch out if you’re going to use this method. There’s some backlash from pizza experts about using  cutlery when you eat your slice. Still, eating with a knife and fork means there is less chance of making a mess. It also looks classy.

Fold Indian Pizza in Oakville Over

This makes your slice easier to eat and hold. There’s another advantage too. You can let all the grease drip out onto your plate. That way you don’t need to use napkins to dab it off.

Add Veggies

Anything that grows from the soil or is green is a healthy choice for a pizza topping. A great way to cut down on the calories you’re taking in. Health-conscious pizza eaters can avoid processed toppings by adding vegetables.

However you decide to eat your slice, we hope you enjoy something from Pizza Depot. Our Indian Pizza in Oakville can be delivered and ordered online. Please take a few minutes to look through our entire menu. You’ll see something there for everyone including veggie pizzas, dipping sauces and dessert cakes.

Maybe you are interested in a sandwich to go with your pizza? We have a variety of excellent choices in that part of our menu. Check out the pizza sub and veggie burger. The burger comes with a potato veggie patty and fresh tandoori seasoning.