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Here’s a Beginners Guide to Eating International Pizza in Waterloo

International Pizza Waterloo

International pizza in Waterloo is one of the favorite foods out there. We recommend that people eat it any time of the day. Pizza is delicious because you can get it with fresh ingredients and different types of cheese.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to eating this type of pizza that will make it fun and interesting too.

  • Some people enjoy what we like to call the upside-down method. People who like to eat their pizza this way are the adventurous kind who are quirky and unconventional. Eating your pizza using the upside-down method means you’ll get to taste cheesy goodness first. That’s because all the toppings fall off.
  • Folding your pizza in half can be a real issue in some places. However, folding international pizza in Waterloo makes it easier to digest. If you’re looking to have a great midnight snack, a great way to do that is to fold the slice down the middle.
  • The backward method is another unconventional way to enjoy your favorite slice. People who eat their pizza from the crust working backwards toward the tip are creative and usually unique.
  • Some people like to remove all of the toppings. Before you get upset, keep in mind this isn’t as bad as it might sound. People who take the toppings off first are always saving them till last. The people who enjoy eating pizza this way are usually present moment livers who are hard workers.

Here are a few other ways to enjoy pizza. Holding it by the crust is the most traditional method. That part of the pizza needs to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the cheese and toppings.

Point The Slice

Then all you need to do is pick it up by the crust and point the thin slice to your mouth.  This method will work as well if you’re eating thin-crust pizza. If that’s the case, you should hold the end up high so you don’t drop any toppings.

Served Fresh

Pizza Depot has a variety of Italian pizza in Waterloo choices. Remember everything that we serve is fresh and we can deliver it. You can order anything from our menu and have it arrive piping hot.

That includes all of our veggie, meat, and international pizza choices. Why not take a few minutes to look through our chicken menu? The choices here include Indian-style wings and chicken strips that come with barbecue dip.