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Top Five Veggie Pizza in Cambridge Toppings

With just a few simple tweaks, you can order a veggie pizza in Cambridge that’s healthy and delicious at the same time. This blog will list the top five vegetarian toppings and some other things you can do to make your pizza more healthy.

Mushrooms and Garlic

Mushrooms are flavorful and meaty. They also go well with sauce and cheese. It’s also a good suggestion to add a little garlic and some Parmesan cheese with a little chopped mint.

Here’s another tip that will help you order healthy pizza in Cambridge. Choose medium-sized pizzas over the larger ones. It can make a big difference as far as the size of the slices go and the nutritional value. A large slice of cheese pizza has 280 cal. A medium slice, on the other hand, only has two hundred.

Sun Dried Tomatoes

These are packed with a savory and sweet flavor. Sun-dried tomatoes also go very well with goat cheese and olives. Here’s another tip you should keep in mind. Stuffing a pizza crust with anything like cheese adds up to 120 mg of sodium for every slice.

Sweet Potato and Egg

Eggs add a certain richness to a vegetarian pizza when they are baked right on top. Sweet potatoes can be cubed and a little Gouda cheese can be added. Choosing a regular pizza over the dish or pan style option saves in both fat and calories. You should also opt for thin crust versions when you can. Generally these have about 60% fewer calories per slice.

Goat Cheese

This is another excellent topping for people who want to stay healthy but enjoy pizza at the same time. Why not try goat cheese as a creamy base that you can add other veggies to like pea shoots and asparagus?

Here’s another excellent healthy idea. Starting your meal with a salad can reduce your calorie intake by 12% according to researchers at Penn State University.


This is another excellent idea for the base of your pizza. Pesto goes well with feta cheese.

Finally, ordering a healthy pizza in Cambridge can also include skipping any of the dips that are available on the menu. It shouldn’t be a surprise that these can add a significant amount of both calories and fat to your meal.  Remember that vegetables always make a better topping than meat from a calorie counting/healthy standpoint.