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Tips for Choosing Food From Our Pizza Store In Regina

Pizza Store Regina

Our pizza store in Regina is proud of the delicious food we serve. We offer both take out and delivery services. It doesn’t matter what you order, everything on our menu is made from the freshest ingredients.

We are dedicated and committed to providing the very best products and outstanding service at reasonable prices.

Here are a few tips for choosing food from our pizza store in Regina.

  • We have great entrées and a wonderful selection of side dishes too. These include onion rings and French fries as well as potato wedges and mozzarella sticks. Don’t forget to ask about the butter chicken loaded fries and baked Samosa. Everything on this part of our menu and everywhere else can be delivered right to your front door.
  • Our chicken menu has a lot of tasty choices. These are a big favorite with our customers in Regina. When you take a look at what’s on the menu here you’ll understand why. Classic chicken wings are available in different sizes. They all come with your choice of mild, hot, or barbecue sauce. Don’t forget that you can order any one of these items online.
  • Of course Pizza Depot offers a great selection of its namesake food. For example our veggie pizzas have fresh ingredients like onions and green peppers as well as hot peppers and tomatoes. One of the more popular items is the Garden Veggie Pizza. The tomatoes that you’ll find on this menu item are always fresh. We understand that people who order this type of pizza are health-conscious. That’s why we always suggest people have a look at the Health Smart Pizza. This one includes mushrooms and broccoli as well as onions and green peppers.

Pizza Depot loves to suggest our customers look at our deals and specials. It’s another tip we’ve added in because we want you to get good food at a reasonable price.

Another Special

For example, the Family Combo Special comes with two pizzas and four different toppings combined. This is just one of the popular items that we have at our pizza store in Regina.

The square party pizza is another big favorite. This is perfect for family events or when the gang comes over for the big game on TV. This one comes with 24 slices and a topping of your choice.