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Great Drinks That Go With Your Veggie Pizza in Hagersville

We offer great veggie pizza in Hagersville choices that all come with the freshest ingredients. Depending on the one you choose, you’ll get hot peppers, onions, green peppers, mushrooms or tomatoes. The Health Smart Pizza is one of our biggest sellers. Choose from three sizes including medium, large and extra-large and order online if you want it delivered.

Pizza night is always a special moment for the family. Children love it. It makes for a great meal for adult movie night too. Choosing the right beverage to go with your pizza pie will increase your enjoyment regardless of the event.

Here are a few suggestions to consider.

  • Iced Tea. This is the perfect beverage when you are enjoying a slice on a hot summer day outside. You can wash down this item from our veggie pizza in Hagersville menu with this cool drink. Iced tea has a sweetness that adds a little something extra.
  • Have you ever consider pairing your favorite pizza with an authentic Italian wine? The trick is in matching the toppings you have on your pizza with the right drink. For example, a sweet white wine will complement a cheese pizza’s acidity. Red wine is a complement for the flavors you’ll find in a meat pizza.

Whatever drink you choose to go with it, our garden veggie pizza is perfect for any special event. We have listed the calories right on our website. That way you know exactly how many you are getting. The spicy veggie deluxe is a big favorite with our customers. It’s no wonder when you consider all of the onions and green peppers used are made fresh.

Following is one of the more traditional choices you can make to go with any of these pizzas.


Pizza and beer work together on a number of special occasions. Those include game nights and watching sporting events with your friends and neighbours. Your favorite store-bought product is a good choice. Don’t forget that craft or homebrewed beer adds a little something special.

Finally, a nice cool glass of lemonade will always go well with your veggie pizza in Hagersville. One note of caution here. Don’t make it too sour or it will take away from the taste of your pie. Lemonade in a nice tall glass is a great way to chase down any pizza you choose.