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Great Options for Meat Pizza in Scarborough Office Parties

We have a good selection of meat pizza in Scarborough choices for your office party. Tandoori chicken and meatball pizzas are just two of the choices you have. The chicken deluxe pizza comes with green peppers, mushrooms and onions. You can choose from a variety of sizes including extra large, large and medium. Order any of the options from our menu online and have them delivered to your office.

We understand how much work it takes to have a successful office party. There are two routes to appeal to a variety of taste buds. You can go simple or creative.

The Creative Meat Pizza in Scarborough Options

Sophisticated people in your office will want exciting and unexpected options. Here’s an interesting idea. Take a simple cheese and pepperoni pizza and divide it up into four equal sized sections. Add a little marinara cheese on one of the quadrants and ricotta on the other.

These are simple little tweaks that can supply subtle flavor differences for everyone in your office.

The Chicken deluxe pizza is another favorite choice with an office crowd. You get fresh green peppers and mushrooms as well as onions with this one. Another good suggestion is the Buffalo chicken pizza that comes with hot peppers and onions. Order an extra large online today so there’s enough for everyone in your office.

The Simple Choices

Any successful office pizza party will include some simple choices. These are the ones that appeal to a wide swath of your fellow employees. You really can’t go wrong by ordering one cheese pizza but that might not be all that you need. Your coworkers are usually looking for more diverse and interesting options.

Many people like the traditional toppings. That’s why it’s hard to go wrong ordering at least one or two pepperoni pizzas. You can boost even a simple pizza party to another level with some great side dishes. Potato wedges and French fries are two big favorites.

Meat Pizza

It’s hard to go wrong when you order Mozzarella sticks and Onion rings to go with your meat pizza in Scarborough. Pizza Depot would be happy to supply the food for your next office party. We make everything from quality ingredients and add reasonable prices and outstanding service to make any event successful. Our Scarborough location is looking forward to serving you.