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Healthy Ideas for An International Pizza in Windsor Order

Pizza Depot has some great ideas for the next international pizza in Windsor you order. Take a look at all the fresh ingredients like green peppers and tomatoes, mushrooms and green olives. Remember, you will be able to order anything from this part of our menu online.

We want you to enjoy your pizza experience. That’s why we’ve added some healthy ideas for any of the menu selections you make.

  • Choosing whole wheat for the crust makes sense. This is great for customers who are looking to add more fibre and greens to their diet. Not only that, this type of crust adds minerals and vitamins and the dough has more protein than white flour.
  • Adding a little something to your pizza doesn’t always have to mean sausage or pepperoni. Some of these meats contain a fair amount of sodium and fat. If you are looking for a healthy alternative, try topping your pizza with chicken. It’s even better if this meat is grilled.
  • Make sure to add some vegetables to your international pizza in Windsor order. You can even order veggie pizzas from our menu. For example, the Garden Veggie pizza comes with green olives tomatoes, onions and green peppers. There is a medium, large and extra large size to choose from. All of them can be ordered online.
  • Side orders and appetizers are excellent choices. However, you should be careful about the carbohydrates and calories if you are watching your weight. For example, bread sticks come with some added carbohydrates. Buffalo wings can be a high calorie choice. If you are looking for a healthier option, why not try salads? Still, you need to be careful about the type of dressings you pick. The creamy based variety often have more calories, sodium, sugar and fat.

Some people might decide to go with a thin crust pizza for health reasons. The deep dish and thick crust varieties quite often have higher calorie counts as well as more fat and carbs. Ordering thin crust pizza can help you stay on track if you are trying to cut down on carbs and calories.

Finally,  a large or small International pizza in Windsor tastes great. If you are looking to stay healthy and lose some weight, you can cut back on the number of slices you eat in one serving.