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Here’s Five Great Ways To Top Your Meat Pizza in Orangeville

Here at the pizza Depot, we like to make sure that our meat pizza in Orangeville selections get the best toppings. The reason is simple. Everyone who works with us believes that our customers deserve nothing but the very best.

That’s why we put together five of the best meaty add-ons.


This is widely considered to be the second most popular pizza topping of all time. Sausage does several things well. It adds flavor and totally enhances the whole experience.  Some people are fond of sausage that gets crumbled up after it’s been removed from its casing. The fact is these crumbled sausages add flavor to the entire pizza.


This is the classic that everyone has had at least once on a pizza. If it gets sliced thin enough, you can have pepperoni on nearly any each of any food you order. It’s a quick way to make sure the meat is distributed throughout all the slices.


Bacon isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Pizza pies that are adorned with crispy strips and pieces have a crunch that’s irresistible. Wondering what kind of other toppings go with bacon on a meat pizza in Orangeville? Pineapple is one suggestion. If you add ham you’ll have a sweet and porky combination that everyone will love. The bacon will taste better alongside the pineapple pieces since they are crunchy and smoky in flavor.


Are you having a hard time deciding between pizza or a meatball sub? There’s no need to choose when you decide to put meatballs on your pizza. They are often cut into thin slices to make sure they get cooked evenly. Meatballs that are put on pizza are often made of a combination of beef and pork.


Combining mushrooms and bacon always lends itself to a magical experience. If you can, opt for Cremini  mushrooms. These are mature and add a little bit of a meaty flavor to the bacon on your pizza. However, the flavor behind mushrooms is usually subtle enough to let the other toppings take center stage.

If you’re looking for a great selection of meat pizza in Orangeville choices including all the best toppings, Pizza Depot can help. You can order online and have your food delivered to your office or home, piping hot and made with all fresh ingredients.