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Here’s How Our Pizza Delivery in Windsor Drivers Provide Good Service

We have an excellent menu of delicious food at the Pizza Depot that includes the finest pizza delivery in Windsor drivers. Here are a few things that separate these important members of our staff from the competition.

  • Before they leave with your order, our delivery drivers make sure they have all of the small details looked after. That includes checking to make sure they have the whole order and the proper change. Having the right change when we go out on a delivery is just another way we make our customers happy.
  • Our drivers also plan the quickest route to your location. As a general rule, we plan on arriving with your order in as little as 30 minutes. Providing great customer service means having an excellent sense of direction and being able to get to your address as quickly as possible. Our drivers all have an excellent sense of direction and they familiarize themselves with the area they deliver in.

Pizza Delivery in Windsor and Technology

The drivers at The Pizza Depot all use the latest technology to make sure your food arrives hot and fresh. That includes using Google Maps on their smartphones and GPS where applicable.

Ask for Directions

Our drivers will even phone to ask for directions if they think that’s the best way to get to your location quickly and efficiently.

Here are a few other ways that they provide excellent service.

  • They are polite. These employees never assume they are getting a tip. That’s why when our customers mention the total they will always make proper change without hesitating.
  • The drivers are also given the right information to be able to deal with credit card orders.

Our pizza delivery in Windsor drivers are all professional and polite. We handpick them carefully looking for the people who will be happy to take on the responsibilities of good customer service.

Delivered To Your Home or Office

Please take a few minutes to look at our menu at the Pizza Depot. When you do, we are sure you’ll want to have some of these delicious menu items delivered to your home or office.

Sides and Sandwiches

We have many different menu items for you to look through that include a wonderful chicken menu as well as sides and sandwiches that are always fresh.