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Here’s How Our Pizza Store in Windsor Makes Great Crusts

Pizza Depot is proud of our pizza store in Windsor and the dough we make there. Pizza Depot guarantees consistent quality from each and every one of our locations. You will get great food at an affordable price coupled with outstanding service.

Here’s what goes into the great crusts that we make at our Windsor store.

The Flour

Any pizza that you order will have a crust that contains flour. However, that choice isn’t made randomly. Using all-purpose flour provides a crisp thin result. Customers who want soft puffy dough ask for it by name. We use cake flour or another product that’s specifically designed for breadmaking to satisfy those orders. Bread dough makes for a soft chewy interior with a crisp outer shell.

The gluten content helps to determine whether the dough is chewy, soft or springy after it’s cooked. It also has an effect on how stretchy the dough is. Pizza dough that has less gluten winds up softer.

Our Pizza Store in Windsor Uses Oil. Here’s Why

Picking the right oil for pizza dough is important. This makes it easier to stretch the dough out without poking holes in it. Oil is also added for flavor. Many of our recipes use traditional Italian olive oil.

Some of our pizza recipes use a different product for a good reason. Olive oil has a strong flavor and aroma that doesn’t pair well with certain toppings.

Our menu includes some delicious international pizza choices. The Greek pizza is extremely popular since it includes fresh sliced tomatoes and onions and feta cheese.


The Hawaiian Pizza can be ordered online. There are three different sizes to choose from including medium, large and extra-large. Each one of these comes with extra cheese, pineapple and ham.

Here are a few final ideas on what goes into our pizza dough that makes it special.

The yeast that we use allows air bubbles to get trapped inside  These bubbles stay inside the crust when it rises so it remains tender and chewy.

Types of Oven

Our pizza store in Windsor has experimented and found which type of oven works best. The higher the temperature, the more the crust cooks but doesn’t dry out. A hotter oven also melts cheese evenly and quickly. Warmer temperatures also allow the cheese to brown and bring out more flavour.