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Here’s How You Can Keep Halal Pizza in Regina Warm for Your Gathering

Are you going to have a party with Halal pizza in Regina? One of the obstacles you might face is how to keep the pizza warm during the event. Everyone loves pizza on occasion. Kids and adults both enjoy everything from pepperoni to cheese pizzas.

Here’s how you can keep it warm until the last guest leaves.

While You’re Driving Home

If you have a car with heated seats, they certainly come in handy in the wintertime. You can use one of these to keep your pizza warm while you are driving home in cold weather. Trap the warmth with a blanket while you are on your way.

There’s another solution if your car doesn’t have this feature. First, put the pizza down on the passenger side floor. Then crank up the heat vents for your trip.

Once You’ve Arrived

When you finally arrive with your Halal Pizza in Regina, you want to make sure it stays warm for the duration of your event. Here are some great tips for keeping it that way for several hours.

  • You can use the oven by preheating it first. If you set it to around 350 degrees you can put the pizza right on the middle rack.
  •  Don’t forget that you can use your toaster oven too. This is a great method if you are already using your oven to keep other party snacks warm.

You can put the slices in aluminum foil and heat them in the oven as well. Leaving the slices in for about 10 minutes works best.

If you run out of space and are getting a little desperate, you can use your frying pan. Put the frying pan on a stove top and then let the pizza sit on low heat for 2 minutes.

Using The Microwave

Finally, here are a few tips for using the microwave. It’s best if you have a wide unit that can accommodate pizza slices. Don’t forget to use a microwave-safe plate. You should also use a bowl full of water to make sure the slices don’t get mushy and soft.

If you plan on having your party outside, try using an insulated bag. You’ll be able to find one of these online. They might not keep your Halal pizza in Regina warm for several hours, but they will work for a short period.