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Here’s The Top Cheese Choices for an Indian Pizza in Windsor

Are you thinking about  ordering an Indian pizza in Windsor and having it delivered? The Pizza Depot has many different ingredients to choose from. One of the secrets lies in selecting the perfect cheese. This blog will tell you which cheeses will give your pizza the best taste and appearance.

Goat Cheese

Like the name suggests, this product is made from goat’s milk. It is creamy and soft and can be mixed with herbs and berries. This type of cheese is best known for a tart flavor. It can bring a unique taste to your pizza selections.

Soften Up

Goat cheese doesn’t melt like other varieties. However, it does soften up when it gets cooked in an oven. It makes a great addition to Indian pizza in Windsor. Dollops that get dropped on the pizza surface give it a burst of tantalizing taste.

Goat cheese goes great with different toppings like caramelized onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Of course there are other types that work just as well to tease your taste buds.


This type of cheese is only minimally processed so it has a creamy texture and a light fresh taste. It’s one of the most popular options for pizza. Traditionally, mozzarella was only made with bufala milk. However, cow’s milk can be found in the ingredients today.

Versatile Types

Pizzerias use a variety of mozzarella on pizzas. High moisture mozzarella for Greek style is preferred. Low moisture mozzarella works well on other types. This  is one of the most versatile types and can be added to any other type of cheese blend.

Several Toppings

There are several toppings that go well with this type including red peppers, tomatoes, pepperoni and Vienna sausage.


This Italian cheese is considered one of the easiest to blend with other types. It’s flavor varies and often depends on the amount of time it’s been aged. If you’re looking to add a dry textured taste to any pizza, choose a provolone that’s been aged for a very long period of time. You can use chicken and onion to add flavor to an Indian pizza in Windsor when you are using provolone cheese. Remember that you can use this type on almost any kind of pizza. It won’t disappoint taste buds when you add toppings like broccoli and sausage.