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Indian Pizza in Saskatoon Myths Debunked

Indian Pizza Saskatoon

Our Indian Pizza in Saskatoon is always made with the freshest ingredients. We are committed to providing outstanding service at reasonable prices.

Part of our commitment is giving you something interesting to read while you eat our food. That’s why we hope you enjoy these myths that we’ve debunked about pizza.

Pizza Started In Italy

History tells us that it was the Greeks that invented this favorite food. Way back, these inventive people baked olive oil and seasonings on their bread and eventually added toppings.

Some people think pizza was invented in Naples Italy. However, that city was a Greek colony when it was first founded. The people who lived there ate a lot of pizza as one of the staples of their diet.

You Should Never Use a Knife and Fork To Eat It.

Experts tell us that you can eat pizza with a knife and fork when it’s too hot to pick up. Remember there is a distinction between cutting a slice with utensils and eating it that way.

In some parts of Italy, for example, the pizza is served uncut. You’ll need to use at least a knife to cut it into triangles. Then they eat it with their hands.

Tomato Sauce Was Always An Ingredient

 The Indian pizza in Saskatoon that we serve changes with your tastes. It comes with a variety of fresh ingredients that can include mushrooms and green olives. Plus, you can order from a variety of different sizes that include medium, large and extra-large.

Pizza is always changing and tomato sauce wasn’t always one of the big ingredients. Early versions of this delicious food were topped with mushrooms and herbs. Before pizza became a very popular food, people needed to focus on cheap toppings. That’s why older pizzas had garlic lard and salt on the top.

Pepperoni Is Italian.

Here is another myth debunked surrounding this most popular topping. Research tells us that if you order a pepperoni pizza in Italy, you’ll get bell peppers on top. Long story short is pepperoni is a mixture of pork and beef that’s smoked and comes from America.

There won’t be any myths to debunk when you order our Indian pizza in Saskatoon. Pizza Depot supplies fresh ingredients and excellent delivery service. Our number one priority is making sure that you get delicious food at an affordable price.