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Looking to Make Your Own Pizza in Ajax? Try These Festive Ideas

It’s never too early to start thinking about how to make your own pizza in Ajax. One of the best ways to treat friends and family is with pizza. Large orders are great for holiday gatherings and parties. You can order one of the usual choices like pepperoni or mozzarella, but you also have the option of custom pizzas with interesting themes.

Please take a minute to read this blog. Some combinations we have listed below could become a new holiday or favorite tradition.

Christmas Coal Pizza

There’s a Christmas tradition of placing a piece of coal in a stocking. Why not order a pizza with black olives as a topping? The whole pizza will look like it’s covered in coal. Of course you have the option to add other delicious ingredients. At Pizza Depot, you can order a large pizza and add on four toppings.

Chicken Menu

Don’t forget to look at the chicken menu on our website. That’s where you’ll find the chicken strips that are boneless breasts with your choice of different sauces. You can make your own pizza in Ajax and add on in order of classic chicken wings too.

Christmas Tree Pizza

You can also use meat and other toppings to order a pizza that looks like a Christmas tree. Broccoli or spinach can be used as the base layer. Pepperoni and sausage can be ornaments. Why not use some onions to create Christmas bells that are hanging on your tree? This Christmas pizza tree is a collection of unique tastes and wonderful flavors.

Excellent Assortment

Pizza Depot also offers an excellent assortment of international pizza choices. The Greek pizza has sliced tomatoes and black olives as well as feta cheese and onions.

Our customers rave about the spicy Italian pizza in this section of our menu. It comes with hot Italian sausage, roasted red peppers on a thin crust that’s always fresh.

Looking to Celebrate a White Christmas?

If you are like a lot of people about to celebrate the holidays, you are dreaming of a white Christmas. If you’re going to make your own pizza in Ajax to celebrate, why not order some extra feta and mozzarella cheese?

The little pieces of feta will look like snowballs. Think about adding some fresh chicken as an additional topping.