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Make Your Own Pizza in Burlington Party Elegant With These Tips

You can make your own pizza in Burlington and host an elegant dinner party. Pizza is adaptable and enjoyable. What’s more, it’s almost a complete nutritious meal all by itself. Why not try something different and order takeout pizza for your next dinner party?

Here’s some ideas on how you can make that happen.

Include Side Dishes

Pizza goes well with salad. However, your elegant pizza dinner party should include more than just basic lettuce and tomato. Pizza Depot offers a variety of different salads to choose from. The Greek salad is topped with fresh delicious dressing, red onions and feta cheese. People looking for something a little more hearty as a side dish should take a look at our chicken salad.

Menu Entree

This menu entrée includes chicken breast strips and shredded cheese.

When you make your own pizza in Burlington through Pizza Depot, we include four toppings. You can choose from different sizes that include large, medium and extra large pizzas as well as a square one.

You can also place fresh garlic bread in baskets around your dinner table and add pizza dips that can be enjoyed with the bread.

Set The Mood Properly

If you want to make your pizza party elegant, leave the paper plates out. Set the table with linen napkins and a tablecloth like you would for a more formal dinner. You can even transfer the pizzas from their delivery boxes to preheated dinner plates.

Here’s another unique way to serve this food. Pizza plates are affordable and you can find them online. They make unique plates for serving your guests that no one will soon forget.

Supply Different Items

A variety of dipping sauces give your guests something to dip their pizza crusts are garlic bread in. If you’re looking for a wine to serve, you’ll need to consider the pizza toppings.

For example, Canadian bacon and a Riesling go well together.  A Chardonnay goes well with all white rather than tomato pizza sauce. Supply your guests with a variety of different wines so they can choose the one they’ll enjoy.

If you plan to make your own pizza in Burlington and have it delivered for your dinner party, don’t forget to serve some delicious dessert. We offer lava cake and some other choices that will help to make your high end occasion a success