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Make Your Own Pizza in Kitchener: Then Use These Tips To Eat It Like an Italian

When you make your own pizza in Kitchener at The Pizza Depot, you get fresh ingredients. You can choose from three different sizes and order each one online. Each option has four different toppings included. There are also square pizzas available.

Once you’ve decided on the kind of pizza you want and the toppings, there’s only one decision left. That’s how you will eat your food. Here’s a few tips on how to eat it like a real Italian.

Wait for It To Cool

Some people prefer to let the pizza cool so they can pick it up and eat it with their hands. Keep in mind that you don’t need to fold the slice because those are known as calzones. Most pizza aficionados say those need to be eaten using a knife and fork.

Here’s another tip Italians use to eat their favourite food.

When the slice is hot, some pizza lovers prefer to eat it by the crust first. This is the exact opposite to the standard method of eating a slice from the tip toward that end.

Don’t Wait For It To Cool

If you are eating in a pizza restaurant, he should pick up your knife and fork and get started as soon as the pizza is delivered. Waiting for it to cool at your table is often considered bad taste in Italy.

Pizza depot carries a great assortment of make your own pizza in Kitchener choices. These are variations on standard Italian dishes and include items like Tandoori chicken and Butter Chicken pizzas.  You can order any of these items online and they come in several different sizes ranging from medium to large and extra-large.

Here are some more tips on eating this food like an Italian. These work whether you have your pizza delivered or come into our restaurant to enjoy it.

The Bite and Cut Method

Cutting off small bite sized pieces is also an acceptable method. Put the small chunks into your mouth and make your way up to the crust one piece at a time.

Finally there’s something called the pizza sandwich that works well with our make your own pizza in Kitchener options. It’s easy and fun. All you need to do is cut up a slice into a square and put two pieces on top of each other.