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Make your Own Pizza in Oakville And Eat It Using These Tips

The Pizza Depot encourages our customers to make your own pizza in Oakville. A large includes four toppings and you can order it online. There is medium and extra-large to choose from too. Don’t forget to look at the square pizza that’s on that part of our menu.

As far as eating pizza goes, there’s really no wrong way to do it. However, we have managed to put together some tips for eating your favorite pie so nothing gets wasted.

Check The Crust

A pizza crust shouldn’t be soggy. It should stand straight without drooping. If it flops over when you pick it up, it’s either too wet or undercooked. If you are eating in a restaurant, asked the waiter if they can put it back in the oven.

Use a Knife and Fork

It might take a little time to make your own pizza in Oakville. When it’s done and ready to eat, you might want to use a knife and fork. After all, this method cuts down on any spillage and you put that meal together yourself. Why take a chance on wasting any part of it?

Share The Seasoning

Whenever you can, you should consider extra seasoning on your pizza. Adding garlic salt, some red pepper flakes or grated Parmesan cheese can enhance the flavor of your slice as long as you don’t overwhelm it.

We like to suggest that you taste it before you start adding any extra seasoning. You might find the flavour is perfect and there’s nothing needed at all.

Do Away With Dabbing

Some diners like to dabble up any extra grease on their slice with paper napkins. This technique can leave little pieces of paper on your pizza or a funny flavour. There is also the question of what to do with the napkin after you’re done.

Eating The Crust First

This method is creative, it goes against the grain and the standard of eating pizza from the tip to the crust. However, this technique makes a lot of sense if you’ve added extra cheese to that part of your pizza.

No Judging

What you have on your pizza is a personal choice. Everyone has their own approach and different traditions. Each person should enjoy each other’s right to enjoy this meal as an individual experience. Don’t forget to check the salads we have on our menu when you make your own pizza in Oakville.