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Some Great Make Your Own Pizza in Stoney Creek Hacks You Can’t Miss

Are you looking to make your own pizza in Stoney Creek? We have you covered here at The Pizza Depot. There’s nothing better than bringing home a steaming hot box of pizza or having one delivered. This is a great food for Netflix watching, sleepovers and family nights at home.

Following you’ll find some pizza hacks that can improve your experience the next time you have a pizza night.

Order A Large Pizza Instead

In the end, ordering this way means you might be getting more pizza for less cash. Here’s how that works. Overall, an 18 inch large pizza has more food and a bigger surface area than two 12 inch smaller sizes.

Ask if the place you’re ordering from can do both a normal bake a well-done version. If you are looking for extra crispy slices, well-done is the way to go.

Order Extra Toppings

Pizza Depot offers several different styles of make your own pizza in Stoney Creek choicesThey include several diverse sizes as well as square pizzas. All have four toppings included but you might want to add on something extra here.

Make sure to ask your friends and relatives what toppings they prefer. It’s a good idea to write them down before you call so you can organize your order better.

Order Uncut Pizza

Some people say that ordering a pizza this way prevents it from getting soggy. You will need to have a pizza cutter at home to try this suggestion.

Order Two and Freeze One

Look for pizza specials where you can order one and get a deal on the second. Then, you can freeze the extra pizza order and save it for the next time you feel like this delicious food.

Here’s a few other suggestions on how to order pizza.

First it’s important to decide on the slice and the number of pieces you want in your order. After that you can move onto the toppings and any special dietary restrictions or special instructions. Leave any additional items to the last like chicken wings, soda, salads or bread.

It’s important to be organized when you’re going to make your own pizza in Stoney Creek. When you call, make sure to have your name, telephone number and address ready to go before your order.