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How to Make Your Own Pizza in Kitchener

The make your own pizza in Kitchener service we offer is very popular with our customers there. There’s a lot to choose from. Plus, everything is made fresh and you get your choice of delicious toppings.

Here’s a few easy steps to making your own delicious pizza.

First off, you’ll need to choose the size you want. There are three different ones to choose from. The large is great when friends and family drop by. You can order it online. There are four different toppings included so you should ask people what they want first.

For a Small Group

The medium pizza is good if you’ve just got a small group or your family. Don’t forget to take a look at the side dishes we have that go well with anything you order. They include fresh garlic toast and garlic sticks. Looking for something more traditional? Why not order the garlic bread with cheese?

Like everything else on our menu, you can order any of our side dishes online. They go well with your make your own pizza in Kitchener choices.

The Whole Crowd

These include the extra large pizza when you need to feed the whole crowd. The square pizzas in this part of our menu are popular too. Like everything else they come with four fresh toppings included.

Other Great Menu Choices

Pizza Depot has a number of great dishes for you to choose from. Our veggie pizzas are a big hit with our Kitchener customers. It’s no wonder when you consider that the Spicy Veggie Deluxe comes with excellent ingredients.

A Variety of Sizes

Those include tomatoes and hot peppers as well as onions and green peppers. This delicious veggie treat comes in a variety of sizes. Medium all the way up to extra large are available.

There are more delicious choices on this menu. Like the garden veggie pizza that has fresh green olives as one of the ingredients. We like to suggest people order the extra large size here. It’s simple and convenient to order it online and have it delivered to your home or office.

Roasted Red Peppers

People in Kitchener rave about the Paneer Pizza. Roasted red peppers are just one of the delicious ingredients you get.

You might be looking to make your own pizza in Kitchener. Please don’t forget to look through everything on our menu. That includes the specials we have and the excellent deals for you.