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Check Out These Meat Pizza in Regina Choices

Meat Pizza Regina

Are you looking for delicious meat pizza in Regina choices?

Pizza Depot is happy to have a variety of delicious menu choices. Everything is made fresh to the highest standards. You can order online for delivery. Or you can come into your nearest Pizza Depot location and pick up your food.

Here are some of the meat pizza options that our customers in Regina rave about.


Of course, this menu item has a generous helping of its namesake. The juicy meatballs are complemented by fresh onions and green peppers. Why not order extra large for the whole gang? Don’t forget that you can order this delicious item online. You can have contactless delivery simply by prepaying with your credit card.

Read on to find out more about some of the other delicious meat pizza choices you have with us.


If you like roasted red peppers, you’ll want to order this item. It’s another one of the meat pizzas in Regina options people order for special occasions. If you’re looking for a little zesty flavor consider this one. It’s got delicious cheese and hot peppers.


Here’s another big crowd favorite with our customers in Regina. Roasted red peppers and green peppers are two of the ingredients they order by name. The butter chicken is always fresh and prepared just the way you like it. Order the medium here if you’re just having an intimate evening at home. That way they’ll be a little something left over for the next day.


Our customers in Regina told us they wanted something a little different. We were happy to deliver and that’s where the bacon cheeseburger pizza comes from. This is a real meat lovers pizza with fresh baking and ground beef topped off with mozzarella and cheddar cheese.


Those are just a few of the pizza options we have in our meat lovers section. Remember everything you see on our website can be ordered in three different sizes. There is a medium, large and extra-large.

Pizza Depot is always happy to supply an excellent variety of meat pizza in Regina choices. Don’t forget to check out our make-your-own pizza section while you are deciding. There’s something for everyone here and the first three toppings are included with your order.