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Stats and Numbers on Halal Pizza in Brampton

Are you looking for something to read while you are enjoying Halal pizza in Brampton? We have just the thing. Here’s a few statistics, numbers and industry trends you’ll find interesting while you enjoy our tasty food.

Did You Know That?

  • Americans love pizza. In fact the market in the United States made $47 billion in 2019 alone. If you break that down into individual pizzas, there were about 4 billion of them.
  • However, Europe still retains its title as the biggest pizza market in the world. North America comes in second followed closely by Latin and South America. The Middle East and Oceana come next.
  • As far as growth is concerned, China has some big plans. Research tells us they were ready to put in over 1000 new pizza restaurants in 2019 alone.
  • In the United States , there are over 77,000 pizzerias.

Here are some interesting Canadian statistics that include Halal pizza in Brampton:

  • Digital food orders spiked last year in Canada because of the pandemic. In fact, research reports there was a triple digit growth. Take-out orders were bumped up by 25% and delivery services almost doubled. That includes an uptick in our halal options.
  • Here’s another statistic that we are paying attention to. The kind of pizza that Canadians want is changing. A recent report says 45% want to try new things. As well, Millennial’s and Gen Xers eat more pizza than Baby Boomers. It’s another indication that different kinds of pizzas are becoming more popular.

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If you feel like making your own pizza, you’ve stopped at the right location. There are a variety of sizes to choose from that you can order online. Each one comes with four delicious toppings included.

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Of course that includes our Halal pizza in Brampton. The Pizza Depot is dedicated to making sure you get the food you want at a reasonable price.