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Ready to Order From Our Pizza Store in Burlington? Here’s Some Tips

Our clients love to order their favorite food from our pizza store in Burlington. This blog is for all of our pizza loving clients. We know who you are. Our staff is happy when you order a cheese loaded pizza with a thin crust, succulent chicken and spicy veggies from us.

We understand that there’s a lot of different varieties to choose from today. That’s why we put together some information on how to order like a real pro.

If you’re looking to order online:

  • You want to start by going through the menu. Sort through all the different varieties available before you decide on the kind of food you’re looking for.
  • When you’re choosing from our pizza store in Burlington, you’ll need to pick the right size. Generally, that depends on the number of people who will be eating. Most of the time, a small or regular pizza will have four slices. The medium-sized pizza will have six and a large will have eight.
  • Always keep in mind the kind of crust you order will determine the taste of your pizza. Thin crust is one of the more popular options. However you can upgrade and have it stuffed with cheese which makes the meal all the more filling.
  • The toppings are another important choice. You might have some dietary restrictions so certain fruits or vegetables need to be eliminated. Some of the more popular toppings include bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and jalapeno peppers. If you’re looking for a little protein, try chicken, pepperoni and other fresh toppings.

Don’t forget to go through the kind of sauces that are available. Remember that if you choose a spicy sauce you’ll need something to counterbalance that flavor like pepperoni or beef. If a particular sauce isn’t spicy enough, you can ask for extra red pepper flakes.

Red Pepper Flakes

If you’re looking for something with a peppery flavor, look for one that has ingredients like black pepper, red pepper flakes and roasted red pepper. Adjusting the balance in this type of sauce changes the level of complexity heat. These types generally work best with mushrooms, bacon and chicken.

Finally, we encourage you to sort through the sweetness in these sauces at our pizza store in Burlington. The different levels found in these come from ingredients like added brown sugar and tomatoes.