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Tricks for Ordering Indian Pizza in Brampton When You’re Dieting

You can order Indian Pizza in Brampton and still stay on the diet goals you’ve set. There is no need to deprive yourself of the tasty sauce, savory cheeses and delectable toppings just because you’re trying to lose weight.

Here’s a few ways you can cut calories, carbs and fat without sacrificing flavour.

  • Load up on the veggies and other fresh ingredients available. Most add nutrients and fibre while subtracting calories. Not only that, they add flavour to your pizza.
  • Mop up any excess oil you find on the top of your food. You can save about 50 cal per slice.
  • Add protein so you fill up faster but watch out for saturated fats. That means avoiding toppings like sausage, pepperoni and bacon because they are packed with fat and lots of salt. Try items like anchovies and grilled chicken on your Indian pizza in Brampton instead.
  • opt for less cheese so you can skim some calories off your menu choice.

Here are a few more friendly tips so you don’t need to cut pizza out of your diet to lose weight.

Use a Proper Plate

If you are ordering your pizza in, make sure to use a proper plate from your kitchen cupboard. People really interested in losing weight shouldn’t eat out of the delivery box. Research shows that people eat more when their food is served up on a bigger plate.

Besides, keeping all the slices out of sight doesn’t tempt you as much to go back for more.

If portions are the main issue that are keeping you from your diet goals, order slices of pizza and not a full pie.

Go Red

Fresh tomato sauce supplies one of the best health benefits from pizza. Research says it can even help prevent prostate cancer.

Choose Whole Grains

Whole wheat flour provides a number of health benefits like iron and magnesium. Magnesium helps to regulate blood pressure and iron helps to make amino acids and hormones. One slice of pizza with whole-wheat dough supplies the recommended daily intake for both minerals.

Whole wheat pizza dough also supplies most of the B vitamins you need on a daily basis. Our website provides the nutritional information you need to make smart choices when ordering Indian pizza in Brampton.