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Ordering Pizza Delivery in Stoney Creek? Here’s Some Reasons To Tip Your Driver

We want everyone to get the most from our pizza delivery in Stoney Creek services. That’s why we put together a blog on our delivery drivers. Here’s some things you might not have known about them including why you should consider a tip.

  • These drivers bring your dinner right to your front door or office. They take on the financial responsibility of delivering your pizza more than many customers realize. For example, the delivery charges are separate from any gratuity you give the driver. They stay with the pizza store you order from. That’s the first good reason why you should consider tipping your pizza delivery in Stoney Creek driver.
  • Here’s another good reason. Any tip shows that you are appreciative of the service. Having your pizza delivered means you don’t have to get it by yourself.
  • A delivery driver takes on the traffic and weather for you. You don’t need to waste your gas, energy and time.

Customers are empowered by tipping. It allows you to reward either poor or excellent service on an individual basis. Tips also keep drivers motivated. These food service workers are unsupervised almost all the time.

Flat Fee

Tipping a delivery driver is different than figuring out how much to leave for your hairstylist. Some advocates and experts suggest a flat fee of three dollars to five dollars as soon as the delivery arrives. They say that you don’t necessarily need to calculate a percentage of what the food costs.

In other words, there’s more of a standard fee for these delivery drivers. It’s a little different than calculating the tip you want to leave for a waiter or waitress.

Above and Beyond

Don’t forget that you can give a little more if someone goes above and beyond. If it’s raining out, or there’s a lot of bad traffic or a special sporting event like the Super Bowl, you can bump the tip up.

If you’re going to be a repeat customer, a little more can go a long way toward making sure you get excellent service. He should also plan to add a little extra if you’re putting in a large order.

Dollar Bills

Here’s another tip that can make pizza delivery Stoney Creek a seamless experience. If you are paying by or on the phone, you should have your tip ready in dollar bills . Avoid dealing with loose change and coin when your driver arrives.