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Here’s Why Our Indian Pizza in Windsor is So Popular

Indian Pizza Windsor

Pizza Depot has taken the time to put together an excellent Indian pizza in Windsor. It has fresh ingredients and can be delivered anywhere in the area quickly and efficiently. If you’re having the family over we suggest you order more than one. Or at least order one of each of the three sizes that we have. That way you’ll have medium, large and extra-large pizza so your guests can take some home.

The first reason this particular menu item is so popular is the fact the ingredients are fresh. That means when you order the tandoori chicken pizza you’ll get roasted red peppers and onions that are delectable. Of course, the tandoori chicken and green peppers are just as mouthwatering.

Pizza Depot supplies excellent food at affordable prices. When you ask about our Indian pizza in Windsor, you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Giving Back

However, we are also very grateful to our communities and enjoy giving back. For example, we recently sponsored the Indian community show at Canada’s Wonderland. It was an outstanding event that was sold out early.

We’ve taken the time to make sure our Indian-style pizza is authentic and tasty. That’s why you’ll find toppings like ginger, coriander and garlic on everything that you order.

Front Door

Plus, it’s important to remember that everything you see on our website can be delivered right to your front door. While you are shopping, why not consider some of our international pizzas?

These go well with any Indian pizza in Windsor choices you make. Of course, these include the familiar Canadian veggie pizza that comes with mushrooms and green olives.

A Nice Party?

There’s always Greek pizza to choose from when you have a nice party going on. It comes with feta cheese and onions as well as sliced tomatoes and black olives.

For people who like traditional food, we always like to suggest spicy Italian pizza. This one comes with hot Italian sausage as well as roasted red peppers and ham.


Order the thin-crust version and have it delivered right to your home or office. It comes in a variety of the same sizes as everything else. There’s a medium, large and extra-large to choose from.

Pizza Depot is your one-stop shop for Indian pizza in Windsor. Don’t forget to take a look at the side dishes and desserts that we have so you can enjoy a complete meal.