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Our Pizza Store in Toronto Lists Favourite Toppings

Our pizza store in Toronto is always busy. It’s not hard to figure out why. Everyone loves this food. The Pizza Depot decided to conduct a survey because we wanted to know what your favourite toppings were.

Here’s some of what we came up with.

We asked what kind of toppings you like the most. Some were a bit of a surprise and others were just what we expected. In fact, the number one topping was a no-brainer.


Pepperoni has been a traditional topping on pizza for a long time. Did you know this delicious topping is an American/Italian creation? It’s made from mixing pork and beef. Turkey meat is also used on occasion. Here’s another interesting fact about the number one favorite topping from our pizza store in Toronto.

Pepperoni that contains chicken must be labeled. Keep reading to find out what the number two favorite topping is. You might be surprised by our second choice.


Mushrooms come in at the number two position. It’s a good thing too because mushrooms are good for you. They are rich in antioxidants, protein, fiber and lower your risk of developing diabetes ,cancer and heart disease. There are several types that go great on pizza.

They include the button variety. These are excellent when they are sautéed with a bit of parsley and salt as well as a pinch of garlic.

Portabella Mushrooms

These are an excellent choice for many of the same reasons. They offer a meaty flavor and are thicker than some of the other types. These mushrooms are an excellent choice for vegans and vegetarians since they mimic the taste of meat.


It shouldn’t really be a surprise that sausages are high up on our list of favorite pizza toppings. It’s best to look for one that has good ingredients like low-sodium and sugar. Regular and/or hot Italian sausages are always a favorite.

Here’s a few other choices that made our list for the best toppings you can get from our pizza store in Toronto.

Green peppers and fresh garlic are always a favorite with pizza lovers in the city. Of course there are the old standbys like extra cheese and onions. However, you can’t forget to at least consider fresh basil and tomato. Don’t forget you’re not limited to just one choice. You can add two or three of these delicious toppings when you order a pizza from the pizza Depot.