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Our Veggie Pizza in Mississauga Choices Are Always Fresh

Veggie Pizza Mississauga

When our clients told us they were interested in veggie pizza in Mississauga choices, we were happy to put some together.  Ordering vegetables on your pizza is always a healthy choice. Along with the following menu items, we’ve also come up with a few different ways that you can order healthy food.

  • Ordering a smaller size can make a difference. Our garden veggie pizza is good with excellent ingredients like tomatoes and green olives. Opting for a medium-size over a larger one makes it an even healthier choice. Remember that you can order this pizza for delivery in three different sizes. It comes with fresh green peppers too.
  • The Paneer Pizza is good. Choose from medium or larger extra-large sizes and order online. Here’s another healthy tip. Adding extra cheese boosts the calorie intake on any slice of pizza. Try to avoid words like extra and double when you are ordering and talking cheese.
  • The spicy veggie deluxe is another fresh option that you have when you shop at our veggie pizza in Mississauga store . This one comes with hot peppers and tomatoes as well as green peppers and onions. If you’re counting calories we’ve also listed them per slice on our website. If you’re interested in ordering some side dishes, another wise choice are salads. Research has shown that if you start your meal off with one of these, you’ll eat less and injest less calories.
  • A thin crust pizza has a lot less calories. If you order one of these, you’ll have more room for vegetables on our garden veggie pizza. Remember you can order this one online and it comes in three different sizes.

While you are sorting through your different options, why not consider one of our international pizzas?

The Greek pizza comes complete with black olives and feta cheese. The extra-large is a good size if you want to send everyone home with a slice after a party. Looking for something else?  Like its name suggests, the Hawaiian pizza comes with pineapple and ham.

We offer many different choices including a veggie pizza in Mississauga. You can even make one of your own including a square pizza. These come with up to four toppings included and you can order one online.