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A Quick Guide To Pizza Delivery in Brampton Etiquette

Pizza Delivery in Brampton drivers are the front-line troops who bring your menu choices right to your front door. These are the people who come out in all kinds of weather to make sure that you get the food you want.

That’s why we thought it be a good idea to hit on the high points of etiquette when it comes to treating these invaluable helpers.

The Tip

The amount of tip you’ll give the driver of course depends entirely on you. However some research tells us the standard amount is 15 percent. It’s also a good idea to consider tipping a little bit more than the average during bad weather.

It’s also a considerate move to add to the tip when the driver comes a long distance.

What You Can Do

There are several things you can do as a client to speed up your pizza delivery in Brampton. Here’s a list of just a few of the mistakes homeowners make that can slow things down.

  • Not displaying your house number properly. Delivery people can find your house a lot quicker if your number is visible from the street. That means deciding on the best location which is usually the side of the street that faces traffic. There are a few different options but the best one is close to the front door under the porch light.
  • Not turning on your porch light at night. This is a safety precaution for delivery drivers. It’s a good practice to turn on your porch light even as it just begins to get dark.
  • Not having your phone available. There could be a minor issue with your order and The Pizza Depot might need to clarify something. That becomes a big problem if we can’t get through because you’re on your phone while waiting for the delivery to show up. Here’s another helpful tip about phones. Some delivery drivers use their personal cell phones. They might need to call you but you won’t see the store’s name on the caller ID.
  • Not having small bills. Paying with a $50 bill or something larger for a small order can create an issue for the driver. They generally don’t carry enough spare change to break a big bill for anything under $20 dollars.

Finally, The Pizza Depot would ask you to please shovel any ice and snow before your pizza delivery in Brampton arrives. Even a narrow path from the street helps.