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Pizza Delivery in Brampton: What’s A Good Tip?

If you’ve ordered pizza delivery in Brampton it is more than likely wonder how much you should tip the delivery driver. While it’s not really necessary, not tipping the person who brings your pizza to you is rude. We suggest that if you don’t want to tip the driver, you phone your order in for pickup instead.

In addition to the tip, there are other restaurants that add a fee for delivery to your bill. Sometimes this can be an extra $10 on the order. These fees can be higher sometimes if the food is delivered to a commercial building. The same applies if the order is bigger than a typical delivery.

Remember these delivery fees hardly ever go to the delivery driver. So they are really part of the price you pay without the tip.

Pizza Delivery in Brampton: Suggested Tips

Your order might come to $20 or under. If that’s the case it’s the custom to give a minimum tip of $2 to $3 dollars. For anything over $20 you should tip 15%. Here’s something to think about if you’re going to tip the minimum. Would you make the same drive for three dollars?

If your driver was polite and on time, you can give them a little bit more as a better tip.

It’s not really polite to consider a tip optional. It’s a good idea to be considerate and think about the conditions when supplying a little bit more money is appropriate.

For example, here’s a few situations when you should consider chipping a little bit more in.

  • When the weather is bad. That means any time the driving conditions are worse than normal like when there’s snow, sleep, hail or heavy rain.
  • If you get excellent treatment from a particular driver.
  • When you phone for delivery during the events like the big game on TV. Keep in mind that during those occasions your driver needs to work faster and harder to get the food to you while it is still piping hot.

If your driver needs to travel several miles from the store to your house for pizza delivery in Brampton, you should also consider adding to the tip. Remember that most of these people are only paid minimum wage for their efforts. These drivers need to pay for wear and tear on their vehicles as well as gas and insurance.