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Pizza Delivery in Orangeville Tips: How To Order To Make Things Faster

The pizza delivery in Orangeville service that we offer is a big part of how we keep our customers happy. We understand that offering delivery is  a great way to efficiently handle orders and build our customer base.

We know you want your pizza as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve put together these tips that will help our pizza delivery in Orangeville team do just that.

You can use these when you order.

  • Choosing the size of the pizza you want is the first step. That depends on how many people you have in your home or at your party. Order enough so there’s two or three slices per person. There will be enough for your guests to take the slice home.
  • Look for an online menu that also offers pizza delivery in Orangeville. Some items might only be available for pickup. Once you choose the ones that can be delivered, look through toppings and the type of crust.
  • Don’t forget to write everything down. It may seem like a small step, but it helps pizza delivery in Orangeville go smoothly.

Are you ordering for a large group? Here’s a few other tips that will come in handy.

Think about the toppings that you want to order. With a bigger group you can be sure there will be a dispute about these . Making sure everyone gets what they want is a priority.

Restrictions and Allergies

Don’t forget some people have dietary restrictions and allergies. It’s important to take anyone with a special diet into account when ordering toppings.

Here’s a good example. Someone in your group might be a vegetarian. That’s why you should make sure half of any pizza you order has vegetables on it.

A Cheat Sheet

It can be difficult when you’re ordering pizza for a large group. Here’s a cheat sheet based on the number of guests you might have.

  • One medium or large pizza is generally enough for two people. Two medium or one large pizza is enough to cover three guests.
  • Got four guests coming over? Then you’ll need at least two large pizzas or three medium ones.

Pizza delivery in Orangeville always goes better when you are organized. Here’s a final tip that can help the process along. Make sure you provide all the information necessary when you’re ordering. A recognizable landmark is a good way to help the driver who will be delivering your pizza. For example tell them to look for a house with a purple door.