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Pizza Depot Has Halal Pizza in Toronto and Delicious Chicken Dishes

Halal Pizza Toronto

Pizza Depot is proud to have something for everyone including Halal Pizza in Toronto. We take pride in being one of the best pizza stores in the area. One of our top priorities is to make sure each and every customer is satisfied.

That’s why we have a Halal section on our menu. However, that’s only one area where you can get excellent food at a reasonable price. While you are on our website, why not check out our delicious chicken dishes too?

  • One of the big favorites with our customers in Toronto is the chicken strips. The boneless chicken breast meat that we use is always fresh. What’s more, you can enjoy this tasty menu item with a variety of different sauces. These include barbecue dip, mild and hot.
  • If you’ve got a big crowd coming over, our Indian-style wings are a perfect complement to a halal pizza in Toronto. Don’t forget that you can order any one of our delicious menu items online. For the Indian-style variety of chicken wings, we season the classic ones with hot sauce. You can also taste the green chili and Caesar sauce plus the Coriander and Ginger.

We have a variety of delicious items on our menu for you to choose from. Those include veggie pizza options that come in three different sizes.

The garden veggie pizza is a favorite in Toronto. It’s no wonder when you consider it comes with tomatoes and green olives as well as onions and green peppers. Everything is fresh. Order this one online for delivery and it will arrive piping hot.

Another Popular Choice

Another popular choice is the health smart pizza. You can order this one in medium, large or extra-large sizes. We recommend the extra large when you have some family members over. Everyone will enjoy the toppings that include broccoli and mushrooms as well as onions and green peppers.

Enjoying Everything On Our Menu

Pizza Depot wants you to enjoy everything that we have on our menu. Our halal pizza in Toronto is offered with a contactless delivery option. Just prepay with your credit card. Remember, we understand that a large portion of our customers require halal food. To that end, we are always happy to provide them with delicious menu choices that adhere to their beliefs.