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Some Great Side Dish Suggestions From Our Pizza Store in Cambridge

Our customers love to fill up on great food from our pizza store in Cambridge. Many of them love to transform a great meal with the side dishes we have to offer. It’s great to fill up on pizza by itself, and even better when you choose one of these complementary food choices.

  • onion rings
  • potato wedges
  • chicken dippers
  • mozzarella sticks

Those are a few of the most popular choices. However, there’s a host of other options to choose from to make any meal more exciting and memorable.


This is an excellent appetizer regardless of the main course. One of the best things about soup is the variety you have to choose from. Tomato soup is a great way to contrast a pizza meal. Chilled soup is another excellent starter that you can enjoy while waiting for delivery from our pizza store in Cambridge.

Garlic Bread

Garlic bread tastes great and it contains a lot of the nutrients that can keep your body healthy. One slice has a good portion of vitamin B6 and vitamin C as well as fibre and a good amount of calcium. It’s a great side dish for pizza that can even reduce your bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

Smaller Meals

This food is a great way to make smaller meals more filling. It goes with traditional Italian dishes like pizza and spaghetti. Pizza Depot even has delicious strips of cinnamon flavored bread available on our website. Of course there is also a fine selection of garlic bread, garlic toast and garlic sticks.


Salad is another option when you’re looking for a delicious appetizer that goes great with pizza. We offer an excellent variety to choose from including traditional Caesar salad. This one comes with bacon bits and Romaine lettuce as well as croutons and Parmesan cheese.

Pizza Depot also has Greek and Chicken salad that you can order online.

Don’t forget that you can make your own pizza with us too. You can order a large, medium, or extra large pizza with four toppings included.

Excellent Deals

Square pizzas are another option that you can choose from our menu. Our pizza store in Cambridge has a variety of excellent deals and sides. They include panzerottis and pizza subs as well as lava cake and veggie samosas.