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These International Pizza in Orangeville Choices are Delicious

International Pizza Orangeville

Our international pizza in Orangeville choices prove that we have something for everyone on our menu. You can order them with a selection of different toppings and have each one delivered. We suggest a medium-size for intimate gatherings and the spicy Italian pizza.

This one comes with fresh roasted red peppers and hot Italian sausage. That’s a perfect combination for a quiet night spent at home watching Netflix. If your crowd suddenly starts to get bigger, you can order the extra-large online.

With more people, you might want to switch up the kind of pizza you order so there’s a variety. The Mexican pizza contains ground beef and jalapeno peppers. Everything is always guaranteed fresh. What’s more, it will arrive piping hot at your front door when you order it online.

Giving Back

Pizza Depot is also proud to give back to the communities we serve. That’s why we offer pizza day lunches to surrounding area schools. It’s our way of supplying nutritional food so children can keep their strength up to learn.

Pizza Depot  also supplies catering services that cover our international pizza in Orangeville choices. At certain locations, we also offer free pizzas to students for their special achievements.

Nutritional Page

There is also a nutritional page on our website so you can see the cholesterol, sodium, fiber and calories in every slice. The chart also includes sauces and toppings so you can get a complete picture of the nutritional food we serve.

Of course that doesn’t mean we are trying to take you away from the international pizza choices you have like the following:


Some of our customers want a vegetarian experience when they order pizza. That’s just what this one supplies. Green olives and mushrooms are just two of the delicious toppings that you will find here.

Why not order an extra large and have it delivered to your home or office piping hot?


The Canadian pizza is a big favorite with our international pizza in Orangeville crowd. Mushrooms, bacon and pepperoni are the three excellent toppings on this one.

Choose any of the menu items that you see for delivery or pick up. Finding the store that’s nearest to you is as easy as using the convenient tab on our website. Regardless of the pizza or other food item you order, we guarantee it will be fresh.