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Wondering How Much To Tip for Pizza Delivery in Stoney Creek? Read This

Pizza Delivery Stoney Creek

If you’re wondering how much to tip for pizza delivery in Stoney Creek, you’re not alone. Deciding how much to pay someone to cut your hair is easy. The same can be said when you’re leaving a tip for a server in a restaurant.

However, trying to decide how much to pay a pizza delivery driver is a little different. Here are some tips that should make everything more clear.

More Than Minimum Wage

It’s important to keep in mind that delivery drivers usually don’t get paid much more than minimum wage. There’s a slim profit margin on what they do. That’s partially because they need to pay for their gas and car insurance at the same time. They also need to deal with driving conditions in the winter.

So, the question is how much do you pay the delivery driver in Stoney Creek? Here’s some information to keep in mind and a few tips on how to arrive at the right amount.

Balled Up Or Crumpled

It’s a kind gesture when you tip for service. Avoiding any kind of awkward encounter starts with folding the bills nicely before anyone arrives. That avoids dropping a handful of change into their hand after they give you your pizza. It’s a good idea to make sure the bills are not balled up or crumpled in your hand.

Here are a few percentage points that you can use to decide how much to give.

  • The unspoken normal tip is around 15%. That’s for generally standard types of services.
  • If the delivery driver didn’t do a very good job, 10% is normal.
  • If you want to make an impression and they’ve provided outstanding service, tip 20%. That’s above the average and it tells the driver you appreciate their work.

There are some situations where it’s a good idea to tip more than the minimum. For example, if it’s snowing outside or there are other kinds of bad weather, an extra tip is in order.

Bigger Orders

Likewise when there are bigger orders like 10 pizzas with tons of toppings and other items. You should also give a little extra if the driver makes an effort to deliver to a place that’s outside their usual range.

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