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Tips From Our Pizza Store in Guelph For Throwing A Party

Pizza Store Guelph

Our pizza store in Guelph has a great selection of menu items for a number of different occasions. We have  veggie pizza choices that are excellent for a quiet night at home. Our garden veggie pizza comes in an extra large size when you have the gang over.

Our health smart pizza is excellent when you are throwing a party for adults or children. Why not consider a pizza party for adults with something from our menu?

Here’s a few tips and ideas you can use to put together an event everyone will love.

  • Serving wine at a pizza party for adults takes everything into a sophisticated territory quickly. Why not set up a wine and pizza tasting station? Choose from different whites and reds and even some rose to pair with some of your choices from our pizza store in Guelph.
  • Try a Potluck. Getting your guests involved can make any event all the more special. Why not try putting together a potluck where everyone brings their own slice to share? You can put together a common theme like classic Italian so everyone is on the same page. Or let the creative juices flow by leaving the whole event open ended. It’s hard to go wrong when you put together a pizza potluck for your adult guests.
  • If the weather permits, setting up an outdoor space is a good idea. Our pizza store in Guelph can supply some Italian dishes everyone will enjoy. We can add the fresh and tasty pizza. You supply the outdoor space with Italian desserts and drinks.

Here’s another option you might want to try for an exciting adult pizza party. Being a little immature and playing games might make the whole event more enjoyable. Everyone will unwind when you pair delicious pizza slices with boardgames. Why not try a casino night to go with your pizza choices?

Outdoor Area

Finally, taking the time to jazz up an outdoor area can make all the difference. Some cloth napkins and a checkered tablecloth are an excellent start. Add a few rustic wood boards and the good dinnerware and you have a pizza store in Guelph atmosphere.

Your guests are sure to enjoy your style as much as the delicious pizza that you get from Pizza Depot. Don’t forget to check out everything on our menu as well as the specials and deals.