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We Serve International Pizza in Hagersville plus These Other Top Five Choices

Pizza Depot is proud of all the fresh ingredients that go into our International Pizza in Hagersville.  Don’t forget to take a few minutes to look through the sides, breads and chicken menu too. You can order anything you see online or pick it up at one of our convenient locations like the one in Hagersville.

Those international pizza choices include Canadian veggie, Greek and Hawaiian options. Here are some other of the top five pizzas people request.

  • Pepperoni Pizza. This is one of the most popular types for a good reason. We can’t think of anyone who doesn’t love the salty, crispy taste of pepperoni. Getting one of these with fresh cheese like real mozzarella and a thick crust only adds to your enjoyment.
  • Cheese Pizza. It should be no surprise that a traditional slice of cheese pizza is the number one favorite. It’s a simple masterpiece all on its own.
  • Veggie Pizza. Health-conscious pizza lovers enjoy slices of vegetarian pizza that has texture and colours. Mushrooms and peppers as well as onions and eggplant can make for a great tasting treat.
  • Meat Pizza. Some people are looking for a little more than pepperoni. Sausage and beef make for an excellent hearty meal. Check out this spicy Italian option that we have on our international pizza in Hagersville menu.
  • Supreme Pizza. Maybe the people around you can’t decide on the toppings they want. If that’s the case, then it’s time for supreme pizza that comes with the works. These are an excellent choice and the toppings include everything from pepperoni to vegetables and sausage. The combination of flavors makes it one of the more popular choices.

Of course we have quite a few different options here at the Pizza Depot that are mouthwatering and made fresh daily.  These include a Greek pizza with feta cheese and onions as well as sliced tomatoes and black olives. You can order this menu choice online in a medium, large or extra large size.

The same can be said for our spicy Italian pizza. All the fresh menu items you get with this delicious choice include roasted red peppers and ham as well as hot Italian sausage. The international pizza in Hagersville choices you have include some excellent side dishes like onion rings, chicken strips and strawberry cheesecake.