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The Most Popular Toppings for a Make Your Own Pizza in Stoney Creek

Make Your Own Pizza Stoney Creek

Looking to make your own pizza in Stoney Creek? You need to put together some ingredients. Of course that includes the toppings. Here at Pizza Depot, our priority is making sure you get the food you want.

That’s why we put together a list of the most popular toppings. Of course, we encourage everyone to choose the ones they want. However, this list might be able to help get you started.


We will bet a fair number of you thought the pepperoni was going to take the top position. However, there is still a minority of people around who don’t like this delicious item on top of their pizza. In fact, a recent survey found that 32% of Americans didn’t like pineapple as a topping.

However, the other 47% of the people in the poll loved it. They reported that pineapple was an excellent ingredient when paired with bacon and other ingredients like ham.

Our list of the most popular toppings is a little different. That’s because we want you to make your own pizza in Stoney Creek. Plus, have a great time doing it.


This is in second place for a very good reason. Sausage also is an excellent item when you combine it with veggies and other meats. Green onions and tomatoes are both a fresh taste and a slight crunch that complement sausages. This is an excellent topping that goes well with everything from black olives to green peppers.

Read on to find out the other items that are excellent when you attempt to make your own pizza in Stoney Creek.

Green Peppers

It should be no surprise that many veggies are making our list. Green peppers are considered an excellent ingredient because they are subtle. Adding them to any pizza doesn’t take away from the sauce and cheese. However, they are zesty and add some color to any of the pizzas you make.

Pizza Depot has many other ingredients that you can choose from. When you choose to make your own pizza in Stoney Creek, you can rest assured they are always fresh.