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Halal Pizza in Orangeville And Different Crusts


We make halal Pizza in Orangeville that’s delicious and fresh. One of the most exciting aspects of these orders are the crusts. Many of the customers who order the specialty pizza tell us that’s one of the most important parts.

Here’s a few things that everyone should know about pizza crusts.

Everyone has different tastes, but they can all agree this is one of the best parts of eating this delicious food. Here’s a few things that people look for to decide on their favorite crust.

  • The texture is one of the qualities that pizza experts notice right away. There are big differences between styles. Some crusts are almost like crackers and crunchy while others are floppy and subtle. Some even need to be cut with a knife and fork.
  • There are different tastes and flavours depending on the type of ingredients used in the dough and the way it gets baked. Some pizzas have a sweeter crust because there is more sugar in the dough. The flavor also depends on whether the crust is baked in conventional or a wood fire oven. The halal pizza in Orangeville we serve adheres to Islamic law. For example, none of the meat on any of these pizzas has come into contact with pork.
  • The integrity of the crust is another factor you need to look at to have an excellent pizza experience. This is the ability of the crust to handle the weight of the ingredients and toppings that are put on top of it.

There are several different types of pizza crust. Thin crusts are the most common kind and they are popular around the world. These are about balance. The crust, sauce, toppings and cheese all have equal amounts. The dough doesn’t rise very much during the baking process, so thin crust pizza is foldable and chewy.

One of the other familiar types is the thick crust. One of the characteristics of this one is you can put a lot of different ingredients on top. Keep in mind that gluten-free pizza dough is another option. The flower used isn’t a byproduct of barley or wheat so it’s considered gluten-free.

A vegan pizza crust doesn’t contain any byproducts from animals. These use a little extra herbs and flavored oils for taste.  The Halal pizza in Orangeville we offer comes in three different sizes. You can order medium, large or extra large for pickup or delivery.

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